Carpet Cleaning Geelong

Carpet cleaning services in Geelong is your one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs! We started off with a specialty in carpets cleaning, delivering a high standard of clean using advanced cleaning technology. Since then we’ve grown though, and now we take care of virtually any and all soft furnishings around the home. It’s our combination of professional cleaning power and rock bottom rates that has made us a popular carpet cleaning choice in the Geelong region.

We’re always looking to take it one step further though! Our carpet cleaners, armed with top of the range detergents and cleaning materials, can take care of homes, offices and commercial properties. Moving house? We’ll even provide a first-class end of lease cleaning, to help you on your way!

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services

We offer bargain prices on a range of expert services but that’s not the only reason our customers keep coming back to us, time and time again. Our dedication to delivering only the very highest standards of customer service has earned us a great reputation – as you can see from the testimonials over on our reviews page!

(May. 2017)

Bond Cleaning Geelong

Bond cleaning is also known as exit cleaning, end of lease cleaning, move in/move out cleaning and vacate cleaning.  When a tenant signs a lease, they are entitled to move in to a clean, hygienic home. The landlord or rental agency will compile a detailed report outlining the condition of the property. When the tenant moves out, this report will be compared with the property’s current condition and if any aspects are lacking, the tenant could forfeit their bond. We guarantees that there will be nothing lacking in the clean condition of the property. We promise that if any items still need to be addressed, we will return to the house or apartment and do the work until it meets the condition report.

Teams of two or four cleaning professionals are sent to the house depending on its size and the level of work required. Our cleaners are extremely efficient and detail-oriented so you can be sure that the work is done to your absolute satisfaction. We can also arrange carpet cleaning so you only have to deal with one company for the entire job.

Choose us when you are moving out of your rental property or even when you sell your property and want to leave it in the best possible condition for the new owners. Or, have us clean for you before you sell so that your house is clean and sparkling for inspections. We also provide house cleaning services for business premises so please contact us for a quote.

 (April. 2017)

Vacate Cleaning Geelong

Cleaning a property when you vacate is a big undertaking, so why not let our professionals take the stress and worry out of moving by providing a superior clean to leave your property looking as good as the day you moved into it. Hygiene can provide a customized cleaning service for your next move including the following services.

Vacuuming of the complete property

Carpet, window, floor and wall cleaning

Kitchen, bathroom, living and bedroom cleaning

Appliance cleaning including oven, dishwasher and grill cleaning

Furniture cleaning, This is a detailed and thorough type of service where basically all surfaces of the property is cleaned, comprising of the following: Full kitchen, oven, stove, range-hood filters and canopy, internal/external cupboards, dishwasher, splash-back bench tops, sink and taps, Full bathroom/s and powder room/s: shower screen and recess, bath, vanity unit, toilet, mirrors and exhaust fans, Laundry room, internal/external cupboards, laundry trough, taps and exhaust fan, Walls Windows, Balcony, Light fittings: external light fittings dusted and wiped.

 (March. 2017)

Bond Cleaning Geelong

Want to hire professional cleaners in Geelong for a proper Bond cleaning? We at xpert Cleaning in Geelong make sure that your house is spotless once we finish our services. Whether it's messy walls, track, oven, windows etc. Our bond cleaning experts will make sure that your house looks as good as new.

We have been in the bond cleaning industry for long years now, we have worked with some of the biggest real estate companies throughout Australia. Our Cleaning teams are available 24/7 depending on your requirements. Our services are unrivaled throughout Geelong, we give 100% Guarantee in all our cleans, making sure that you get your bond back.

  • ·         GENERAL
  • ·         KITCHEN
  • ·         BATHROOM
  • ·         LAUNDRY
  • ·         GARAGE
  • ·         IF FURNISHED

(Feb. 2017)

Bond Cleaning services in Geelong

Want to hire professional cleaners in Geelong for a proper Bond cleaning? We at xpert Cleaning in Geelong make sure that your house is spotless once we finish our services. Whether it's messy walls, track, oven, windows etc. Our bond cleaning experts will make sure that your house looks as good as new.

We have been in the bond cleaning industry for long years now, we have worked with some of the biggest real estate companies throughout Australia. Our Cleaning teams are available 24/7 depending on your requirements. Our services are unrivaled throughout Geelong, we give 100% Guarantee in all our cleans, making sure that you get your bond back.

  • ·         GENERAL
  • ·         KITCHEN
  • ·         BATHROOM
  • ·         LAUNDRY
  • ·         GARAGE
  • ·         IF FURNISHED

(Jan. 2017)


Whether it is a house or office everyone wants their carpet should be well maintained and clean.

Carpet investment is much more so  for betterness of carpet there should be proper cleaning of dust, stains, mites, allergens.

 The whole world likes to keep dirt and dust away from their homes as they can build an environment which is not at all good for any of us health.

To take care of your carpet you need our services and method which our company provide with suitable ranges. We provide our best possible ways to remove all the dust from your carpet and each corner of your home to give you shining appearance.

The methods which we provide you are as follows:

·         Hot water extraction

·         Dry cleaning method

(Dec. 2016)


Every house should be free from dirt; unsoiled; unstained, and also free from foreign or extraneous matter, pollution. We provide you better and the best cleaning output by our end of lease cleaning methods. Our services should include:

Confiscating dust from walls,
window shelves and roof space

Eradicate any mess created by pets and repair
any damage caused by pets

Remove leaf  remains from pool and sanitary the filter

Clear out the letter box and compost bin etc.

We provide you all the services for your end of lease
cleaning requirements.

(Nov. 2016)

Bond Cleaning Geelong

Here at Xpertcleaning Cleaning, we understand that moving house is stressful enough without having to worry about whether or not you’ll get your bond back. When a landlord withholds a portion (or all) of the bond, it can be for a number of reasons – however one of the most common reasons is cleanliness.

Dirty bathrooms, stained carpets, filthy kitchen appliances – if you don’t leave the house clean and tidy, it’s unlikely your bond will be returned. It’s the landlord or real estate agent’s responsibility to ensure the property is fit for new tenants, and if it means they have to hire professional bond back cleaners to bring it up to scratch, that amount (and often more!) will be taken from your bond. Don’t risk losing money.

You can trust our team to carry our bond back cleaning on based rental property. We’ve been in the bond cleaning  business for a number of years, and know what it takes to deliver a clean that stands up to your landlord or real estate agent’s specifications – in fact, we guarantee it. More than your average fortnightly spruce up, an end of lease clean involves cleaning those nooks and crannies you never even knew existed! We get this, and we’ll make sure the house is good to go. Our bond back cleaning service includes (but is not limited to):

Windows (wipe)

Window furnishings (dust/wipe)

Doors/walls/ skirting boards (wipe down)

Floors (vacuum/mop hard floors and carpets)

Kitchen (appliances, bench tops)

Bathroom (shower, vanity, drains, mirrors, toilet)

Laundry (exhaust fans, wash tubs etc.)

(Oct.  2016)

Bond Cleaning Geelong

Our cost effective cleaning services are ideal for those moving out or leaving rental properties that need a professional clean so they can get their bond returned. At Best Cleaning, Bond Cleaning Geelong, we offer our clients a professional, affordable and reliable bond cleaning service to help you get your bond back in full. We are looked upon as the bond cleaning company that goes above the required to ensure your property is cleaned to the highest standard. For exceptional standards, high quality materials and prompt services, contact Best Cleaning, Bond Cleaning Geelong, today.

Specialist Bond Cleaning Technicians in Geelong…

Our bond cleaning technicians from Best Cleaning use the latest in bond cleaning tools and equipment which guarantees a spotless clean. If you are concerned about ground in marks and stains within your property, please advise our Best Cleaning, team where they are and we ensure to use modern techniques to remove them.

Best Cleaning – Bond Cleaning Geelong Services:




Lounge & Dining Rooms

Landry Rooms


Linen Cupboards


Windows throughout (inside and out)

Bond Cleaning

Our bond cleaning technicians from Best Cleaning, Bond Cleaning Geelong, have been working together for many years and have developed a bond cleaning system which makes sure no section is missed. All of our Geelong clients engage our services because they trust we can secure your bond back in full.

For more information about Best Cleaning, Bond Cleaning Geelong, please contact our experienced, professional and reliable team for an appointment time today.

(Sep. 2016)

Carpet Cleaning in Geelong

As a homeowner, you want your carpet to look, feel, and smell fresh. Xpert Clean technicians know how you feel, and they are experts at cleaning dirty, matted carpet—leaving them clean, soft, and virtually odor-free.

Allergens, dust mites, dirt, and pet dander build up in carpets over time, leaving them grimy and discolored. Our two-step, professionally-recognized carpet cleaning system can extract dirt, remove stains, eliminate odors, and restore color, leaving your carpet looking and feeling fresh. Our process relies on powerful, industry-leading cleaning solutions  that release dirt and grime, followed by a fiber rinse that removes leftover cleaning solution and much of the remaining moisture. That way, your carpet will be dry quicker. After the process, your carpet will feel refreshed and look great in a way that your family and guests will appreciate.

A special heated carpet cleaning solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers to loosen embedded dirt.  It’s followed by a high-powered extraction and pH-balancing fiber rinse to remove the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving your carpet as clean as it can be.

At Xpert Carpet Cleaning Service, we know that our service is only as good as the staff that provides it. We pride ourselves in maintaining an exceptional staff of dedicated carpet cleaning professionals. Each new employee undergoes a rigorous background check and drug test, followed by intensive training in carpet fiber components, stain removal techniques, and equipment operation. We believe that the combination of our unique cleaning system and employee dedication are the keys to our success—the same keys that led to our Platinum Certification from the Carpet & Rug Institute. We also hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service and communication. Our specialists are always happy to discuss pricing options, stain removal, carpet cleaning tips, and the Xpert’s cleaning process. Likewise, we consistently administer surveys to all serviced customers to ensure the quality of our service never wavers, and that every Xpert Clean customer is left satisfied by our work. Our customer service representatives are standing by to receive your call. Call today, and schedule service that will leave your carpet restored, refreshed, and renewed.

Professional Carpet Stain Removal

Whether it's from red wine, chocolate, or dirt, noticeable carpet stains can diminish the look and feel of an entire room. Likewise, many stains can be difficult to remove on your own. With only household cleaners and paper towels, you may not be able to remove a stain completely. Xpert' carpet cleaning service, on the other hand, use powerful, industry-leading stain removal equipment, specially-formulated stain removal agents, and a fair amount of old-fashioned know-how. Our professional technicians have experience with all types of stain, and they know how to apply their tools to best remove them. Not all stains, however, can be removed, as some are too deeply set in to the carpet fibers. When stains can't be completely removed, our technicians can usually lighten the stains so they are less noticeable. For more information on which types of stains are most easily removed and how, you can contact a Xpert representative to learn more.

(Aug. 2016)

Carpet Cleaning in Geelong

We believe that a healthy home starts with clean carpets. Nothing cleans more thoroughly, or protects your investment better than the revolutionary  Xpert cleaning system. Our professional technicians use the best cleaning system to solve the industry's top concerns :

* Our system does not use soaps, harsh detergents or shampoos to clean, but instead, an innovative, non-toxic water based cleaning agent that leaves zero residue - zero residue means cleaner longer!

* Our system cleans without flooding your carpets with detergents and water, which means short dry times.

* Trained technicians who are professional, clean and respect your home.

Xpert Cleaning Services  is pleased to offer its state-of-the-art, revolutionary and best cleaning system. This unique cleaning system produces superior results, making it an excellent choice for soiled carpets.

Traditional steam carpet-cleaning uses heated water mixed with soaps, detergents and toxic chemicals that are injected into the carpet under pressure, which soak your carpets, pads and backing. Even though much of the soap, dirt and water are removed, a considerable portion of this mixture remains embedded in your carpet. As the carpet dries, this detergent attaches to the carpet fibers and literally acts as a magnet for dirt and other substances.

Conversely, the Xpert Cleaning Services uses  a revolutionary, non-toxic water-based cleaning agent as its cleaning fluid, called “Empowered Water,” which cleans better than soap without leaving a sticky chemical residue behind.

Empowered Water is applied to your carpet fibers by a  high-pressure, controlled spray system that loosens embedded dirt and removes it through our powerful extraction wand. Your carpet is clean without any soil-attracting residue and the dry time is dramatically reduced because we don’t flood your carpets with water, unlike most other carpet cleaners. Our extraction wand combines the joint properties of fluid mechanics and pressure dynamics. This means that we clean down to the bottom of your carpets fibers—removing embedded dirt, soils, dried soaps (if previously cleaned by another carpet cleaner) and other debris.

Another great benefit of the Xpert Cleaning Services   is that spots are much less likely to reappear. Reappearing spots are often the result of wicking action from the back of the carpet to the tips of the carpet fiber as the carpet dries. We eliminate this and de-lamination (caused by conventional hot water extraction cleaning methods) because we do not penetrate the primary backing.

There is no one that cleans like we clean. If you want the best and highest quality carpet cleaning for your home or office, you can't beat our cleaning process.

(July. 2016)


Clean for you know how important it is to provide quality cleaning services at the end of tenancy. Our end of lease cleaning teams is highly experienced and delivers top quality cleaning during vacating or moves out of our clients. Our staff is dedicated, experienced and well trained and can provide every property a thorough deep clean either at the end of lease or before move in. Our cleaning teams are fully equipped with all the necessary chemicals, tools and equipment’s to make your place clean and fresh for longer period of time. Our vacate cleaning teams know how important it is for you to have your property professionally cleaned and checked. We have carried out thousands of exit cleaning jobs so far and know what exactly the landlords need and how to satisfy them.


Stovetop and range hood cleaning

 Cupboard Inside & Outside

Bench top, Backsplash & Sink Cleaning

Doorframes, skirting boards & Light Switches Wiped oven



Shower Screen Cleaning & Shower Recess Scrubbed

Fittings & Glasses Cleaning


Complete Inside Window Cleaning Included

Outside Window, Frames & Tracks Cleaning (Extra Charges)

Fly screens removing & washing (Extra Charge)

(June. 2016)