Some times before bond cleaning we think that do we need to provide any equipment’s or chemicals to the cleaners but there is no need to worry when we hire professional cleaners because they are provided with all the materials that are required for cleaning by the company for good standards and results in cleaning.

We have to make the checklist while cleaning the house because if anything is missed we can come to know from the checklist that we have made and there is no need to worry if we recognize the un cleaned parts of the house, we can contact the company again and they will take it further forward without any extra charges because they believe in customer satisfaction.

It takes almost 1 -2 days for cleaners to go back mostly they will be returned within 24 hours. We all know that they guarantee their work but there are few things that are to be observed which are not included in guarantee.

What is not covered in guarantee:-

We don’t provide an assured guarantee over any cover of dust settled an accumulated from the time since cleaning to inspection. Dust accumulation is casual and easy in empty houses and we are not accountable for this. Other list of things that we don’t guarantee after cleaning include outside windows, open and unmaintained houses and other smaller areas that get dirty because of weather. The walls are also not guaranteed if you choose not to have a full wall wash. Most importantly it must be mentioned that the ceilings are not cleaned as any mould present require professional Mould remediation specialist.